Alamo Area Square and Round Dance Association
Founded 1950

The Alamo Area
Square & Round Dance Association

is a 501c(7) organization based in San Antonio, Texas
and consists of clubs, callers, and cuers engaged
in square, round, contra/quadrille, and clog dancing.
In town for a visit? Dial (210) 828-0214 for current information.

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Welcome to the Alamo Area's information portal.

Square Dancrers

We are an umbrella organization for several dance clubs throughout San Antonio, Pleasanton, Schertz, and Windcrest. We dance multiple forms of dance including Modern Square Dancing, Choreographed Ballroom Dancing (Round), Contra/Quadrille, and Clogging. Our clubs are more than just dance classes; they are also social clubs where we meet life long friends from all different walks of life. In fact, several of our members met their spouse on the dance floor during one of our dances. We invite you to look at the lessons link to find out where lessons are soon starting, or to visit one of our clubs to see for yourself. In the Alamo Area, Dancing is Friendship set to music.

Choreographed Ballroom Dancing (Round)Dancers

Our goal is to have a one-stop shop for all the Alamo Area information you could possibly want while striving to create a centralized database that is the ONLY correct source of information for Alamo Area members and guests. In that regard, you will soon find that some areas of this site require an individual log in. Information for those of you who are not Alamo Area members is available without your having to log in. If you happen to wind up on a page that asks for a username and password, simply hit the back button in your browser to return to the public information pages.

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Alamo Area By-Laws (new) and Standing Rules are available on the General Information Page.

Home    Area Clubs    Current Officers    Current Appointed Officers    Callers, Cuers, & Instructors
General Information    Links to Related Sites    Pictures    Flyers

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